Worlds 2017 Results

Hi All,

As you may (or may not) know the HFT World Championship was held last weekend up at Kelmarsh. Now, we can’t resist a challenge and an excuse for a bit of banter so along popped our band of merry men to have a crack and maybe even grab something at the raffle.

Our very own merciless Kev Catt was operating the chrono and in an interesting turn of events a couple of the ‘top shots’ had to be disqualified on day 2 due to running ‘hot’ rifles, which were perfectly fine the day before… curious that one!! So as a reminder to everyone, before major events it’s always worth running your rifle through the chrono to make sure it’s within the legal limit (12 ft/lb), if you don’t own one there is one available at the club house on a Wednesday evening.

Unfortunately for our guys no raffle prizes in sight however some very respectable scores from everyone so well done to all, great shooting!

For the list of scores and positions see the result page here

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