Bowman Classic “Mega Shoot” – 4th June 2017

Less than two weeks to go to this year’s Bowman Classic “Mega Course” shoot.
Additionally this year, all entrants will receive a special, one of a kind, commemorative “Meon Valley – 25yr Anniversary” badge.


The “Mega Course” will consist of:

o HFT 20 pegs, 20 Targets
o Tactical Gamble 20 pegs, 20 Targets
o Total Maximum score is: 100

HFT (Yellow Pegs)

o The HFT part of the course is 20 pegs, 20 Target’s
o 2017 HFT Masters rules apply
o Scoring, 2 for a kill, 1 for a plate and 0 for a miss.

Tactical Gamble (Blue Pegs)

o The Tactical Gamble part of the course is 20 pegs 20 Target’s
o Shots must be Standing or Kneeling only
o When you approach each lane and BEFORE you look through the scope you have to decide/elect to shoot or not to shoot the target.
o Scoring is 0 Points for no shot fired (if you decided/elected not to shoot that target)
o Kneeling Shots + 2 Point for a Kill, – 2 Points for a plate or miss
o Standing Shots + 3 Points for a Kill, -3 Points for a plate or a miss

Highest overall total score from the 2 discipline “Mega Course” wins.

Trophy’s for:

1st , 2nd and 3rd , Open Class
1st and 2nd , Recoiling / Springer Class
1st and 2nd , Veteran Class (60 yrs. and over)
1st .22 Classes
1st Junior Class

In addition to the Special Edition “Meon Valley 25yr HFT Badge” all entrants will also receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold – Meon Rat Badge free of charge, which will be awarded at the end of day with the trophies, and lots and lots of Bowman BEER!

Entry is just £10.00 per adult or £5.00 per junior, which buys you a fantastic fun day.

Signing-in is from 8.30am, with a start time of 10.00am, at MVAC’s Hen Woods ground.

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