5 Days to go – to the Bowman Classic 25th Anniversary shoot!

Just put the final touches to the course and format. See you all next weekend Sunday 4th June, its going to be a cracker 

The “Mega Course” will consist of:

o HFT 20 pegs, 20 Targets
o Tactical Gamble 20 pegs, 20 Targets
o Total Maximum score is: 100

HFT (Yellow Pegs 1 – 20)

o The HFT part of the course is 20 pegs, 20 Target’s
o 2017 HFT Masters rules apply
o Scoring, 2 for a kill, 1 for a plate and 0 for a miss.

Tactical Gamble (Blue Pegs 21 – 40)

o The Tactical Gamble part of the course is 20 pegs 20 Target’s
o Shots must be Standing or Kneeling only
o When you approach each lane and BEFORE you look through the scope you have to decide/elect to shoot or not to shoot the target.
o Scoring is 0 Points for no shot fired (if you decided/elected not to shoot that target)
o Kneeling Shots
 + 2 Point for a Kill
 – 2 Points for a plate or a miss
o Standing Shots
 + 3 Point for a Kill
 – 3 Points for a plate or a miss

Highest overall total score from the 2 discipline “Mega Course” wins.

Trophy’s for: 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Open Class
1st and 2nd, Recoiling
1st and 2nd, Veteran Class (60 yrs. and over)
1st .22 Class.
1st Junior Class.

In addition to the Special Edition “Meon Valley 25yr HFT Badge” all entrants will also receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold – Meon Rat Badge free of charge, which will be awarded at the end of day with the trophies, and lots and lots of Bowman BEER!

Entry is just £10.00 per adult or £5.00 per junior, which buys you a fantastic fun day. Signing-in is from 8.30am, with a start time of 10.00am, at MVAC’s Hen Woods ground. For further details, visit www.mvac.co.uk

And don’t forget there is a Rapid Fire Pistol Shoot for you to have a go at while you are waiting for the scores to totalled with a Bowman Beer prize for the winner. We have pistols for you to borrow, but you are more than welcome to bring along your own.


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