Indoor Competitions

The indoor competition season got off to an excellent start yesterday, with Kev Catt 1st 45y bench rest, Paul Somerville 1st 10y springer rifle, Steve Lucas 1st 10y Pistol. We hope you can all make it in the next few weeks as its an 8 week event so still time, but you’ve got to be in it to win it 😊

We have 8 Entries already in the 45 Yard Bench Rest Target Comp using Spring Rifles with Scopes. And two people have already shot their November Targets this evening, so we are off to a flying start.

You have until the end of November to get your 5 Targets of me so you can shoot your November Target. Its a brilliant comp and one you can do at your leisure, just pick a nice day (with no wind) and get a member to meet you at the club and go up and shoot your card. But I must warn you its not as easy as it looks! 😩

So get in contact and arrange to get your 5 targets off me, and lets see who can crack this one over the winter.

45 Yard Bench Rest Target Comp using Spring Rifles with Scopes : Rules

There are 5 NSRA Targets to shoot with 5 shots at each Target. Each competitor will be issued with 5 NSRA / MVAC targets marked as Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb & Mar.

The rules are you can only shoot the corresponding months target in that corresponding month. Once you have shot that months target it must be posted in the post box in the club house for scoring.

The 5 Targets will cost £5 with the winner takes all the pot at the end of March 2018 when all scores are in (Its already at £40 😊). There will be a trophy awarded at the Christmas Dinner the following year.

You can shoot a target on any day of the week of your choosing during normal club hours, just as long as you have a full member to witness you shoot the card and that same full member must sign the card afterwards.

All cards to be shot at the MVAC outdoor range with a springer/recoiling rifle and a maximum x 12 mag scope. And yes when you shoot your comp cards that is the ONLY time you are permitted to shoot paper targets on the outdoor range.

Contact me to arrange to get your 5 targets.

Steve Haworth


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