MEON Sunday League

What a great start to the inaugural Meon Sunday league, with 23 members turning up at Hen woods to set up the course (well all except one who turned over and went back to sleep when his alarm went off, turning up a little bit late and becoming the focal point for much micky taking😄) We couldn’t have asked for better weather, with a cool temperature and virtually no wind to the start of round 1.

Based on UKAHFT rules with a slight Meon twist, each shooter was give a target to set up and some 25min later the course was out and ready to shoot, with two peg’s to one target and some members having a go at setting out targets for their first time, it made for a really fun and straight foward course, and with the amount of laughter and banter that could be heard from all around, this fromat seemed to work perfectly.

Results to follow soon

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