MEON Sunday League 2020 Round 1 
MEON Sunday League 2020Round 1
Don Vickers531Gold
Dean Yaxley520.9811Gold
Scott Somerville510.9622Gold
Mike Seagrave510.9622Gold
Nick Byrne500.9433Gold
Elliot Compton50GuestGold
Simon Hammond490.9245Gold
Mark Line480.9056Silver
Dan Hudson480.9056Silver
Steve Lucas480.9056Silver
Neil Parrott480.9056Silver
Stephen Cummings48Void
Mick Phillips470.8867Silver
Alan Rowe440.8301Silver
Stuart Kerley430.8113Bronze
Paul Blaxall410.7735Bronze
Jason Hocking410.7735Bronze
Sarah Vickers410.7735Bronze
Graham Greensmith400.7547Bronze
Jo Bluer400.7547Bronze
Hugborg Hudson390.7358Bronze
Dave Barnes380.7169Bronze
Fred Chapman370.6981Bronze
Roger Wilkes330.6226Bronze
Oliver Hammond330.6226Gold
Gillian Smith300.566Bronze
***Elliot Compton was a guest shooter so no % given***
***Oliver Hammond was awarded a gold as he is# a junior***
***Stephen Cummings card was voided for the comp due to using supports and only practicing***

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